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Game Publishers

This section of the website allows game publishers and developers to access the services provided by the ESRB.The section contains information on:

  • Getting a Game Rated

  • Appealing a Rating

  • Rating Certificate and Submission Updates

  • Advertising & Marketing Guidelines

  • Download Library

  • Enforcement System

  • Contacting ESRB

Registration is required to access this section. If a User Name and Password have already been provided to you by the ESRB, please log in using the box to the right.

Requesting Access

Please provide a digital cover letter on company letterhead describing your company, the product(s) intended to be submitted for rating, past products developed, and general information including your website address, full contact information (phone, mail, e-mail), list of executive officers and designated ESRB contact person within your company. This information, in addition to any other helpful materials (i.e. media kits, demos, etc.) should be sent to:

ESRB will generally contact submitting companies within five business days of receipt of these materials. If your registration is confirmed, your designated ESRB contact person will receive additional instructions via the e-mail address provided.

The publishers section is best viewed on a larger screen. In order to log in, please access this page on a tablet or personal computer.